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You use this POWERTHERM EVO-TIG 200 welding machine to connect steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. Very efficient and with a nice finish.   With this POWERTHERM welding machine EVO-TIG 200 you have a very high-quality welding machine for durable and professional use. The POWERTHERM EVO-TIG 200 welding machine is a lightweight and incredibly versatile single phase TIG/MMA welding machine.  

Very suitable for welding stainless steel, copper, nickel, tianium and their alloys. -Technical- TIG welding is an abbreviation for 'Tungsten Inert Gas'. A process in which welding is done by means of a plasma arc. TIG welding is a welding process in which heat is generated by an electric plasma arc between the tungsten electrode and the object. At the same time, a wire is brought close to the melting object, which serves as filler material. An inert protective gas is added from the gas nozzle, which protects the object against external influences. Contents:- Hyundai welding machine.- Welding mask.- Electrode holder with 2 meter cable. - Earth clamp with 1.5 meter cable. - Chopping hammer. - Steel brush.  
  • Specifications:- Voltage: 230V - 50 Hz.
  • Efficiency: 85%.
  • Rated Power: 10-200A.
  • Maximum duty cycle: below 40ºC 60% @ 200A (TIG), 60% @ 200A (TIG), 100% @ 155A (TIG), 60% @ 160A (MMA / ARC)
  • Current @ 60%: 90 A.
  • Usable electrode: 1.0-4.0mm.  
  • Weight: 12 kilograms.
  • Size: 460x270x345mm.